Vol 42 (2019): Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia

Vol 42 (2019)

Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia
Published 2019-07-12

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Irena Stonkuvienė
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Zanda Rubene, Linda Daniela, Dace Medne
Wrong Hand, Wrong Children? The Education of Left-Handed Children in Soviet Latvia
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Lajos Somogyvári
Lenin as a Child Visual Propaganda and Pedagogy
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Juozapas Labokas
A Comparative Analysis of Catholic Educational Concepts: the Case of Jesuit and Fr. Luigi Giussani’s Concepts
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Birutė Pociūtė, Laima Bulotaitė, Jurgita Lazauskaitė-Zabielskė
Counselling at School: A Comparison of the Work Characteristics of School Counselling Professionals in Four Different Countries
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Rimantas Želvys, Kamchat Esenova, Ainur Rakhymberdiyeva
The Managerial Experience and Postgraduate University Training of School Principals: A Comparison of Two Post-Socialist Countries Using TIMSS 2015 and PIRLS 2016 Data
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Rasa Nedzinskaitė-Mačiūnienė, Simona Merkytė
Shared Leadership of Teachers through their Interpersonal Communication Competence
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Aistė Burkė
Links between the Aesthetic Education Environment of Schools and Pupils’ Artistic Self-Expression
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Vaiva Grabauskienė, Rasa Lapėnienė
The Teaching of Pattern Comprehension in the 2nd Grade of Primary School Using Origami Applique
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Rūta Bružienė
University Mergers in Lithuania: A Media Discourse Analysis
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Jūratė Baranova
Discussion about Posthumanist Education
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