Ethics Statement

The statements of the journal ethics of Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia are based on the guidelines of
ethics created by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
The Editorial Board is obliged:
• To consider manuscripts regardless race, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, ethnic
origin, nationality, or political views of their authors. To ground decisions about the publishing
of a manuscript on the value of the manuscript itself (relevance, originality, clarity, validity
of research data, etc.) and on its compliance with the scope of topics and requirements of the
• To ensure confidentiality of the authors and reviewers as well as the protection of article
content. Not to disclose information on the manuscript with the exception of the author(s),
reviewers, potential reviewers and publishers.
• To ensure honest, anonymous and independent reviewing of submitted manuscripts.
• To provide reliable information and feedback to the authors.
The reviewers are obliged:
• To provide timely, objective, well-grounded and constructive reviews; inform the Editorial
Board regarding the delays of reviews. To avoid personal and/or derogatory formulations
within reviews.
• To ensure confidentiality. Not to use information provided in any reviewed articles for personal
• To declare any potentially conflicting or competing interests.
The author(s) is (are) obliged:
• To submit an original article that complies with the requirements and principles of the journal.
• To properly cite and reference other researchers who have contributed to their study.
• To solve issues of co-authorship; to list all the authors who have significantly contributed to
the conception, design, implementation and clarification of the submitted research as well as
to the writing of an article. On the other hand, not to provide and/or assume ghost authorship.
• To ensure that the submitted manuscript is free from plagiarism and does not contain any
material that contradicts requirements of ethics (defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory, etc.).
• Not to make simultaneous submissions, i.e., not to submit an identical or a very similar
manuscript to several journals at the same time.
• To indicate any sources of financing and support of research.
• Having noticed an essential mistake or an inaccuracy in a published article; to inform the
Editor or publisher about it and provide precise information required to make adjustments.

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