Ethics Statement

Statement of Publication Ethics

The editors of the journal Ekonomika are aware about increases of plagiarism and other forms of unethical practices in academic publishing.

For these reasons, we see it as a vital part of our ethical responsibilities to follow, and to maintain a plan for keeping high ethical standards. We also expect the same awareness of our journal's anonymous peer reviewers.

Likewise, the journal Ekonomika is committed to ethical standards in its own editorial policy. The editors of Ekonomika do their best to ensure fair, objective, and a clear peer review processes and in editorial decisions. Therefore, any found cases of violation of ethics, whether on the part of authors, reviewers or editors, will be forcefully pursued.

Our concerns can be summarised in 5 main areas:

  1. Authorship: authors must list references, there can be no plagirarism, and authors can not publish the same research in more than one journal. No more than 20% of an article can be “re-used” in submissions.
  2. Authors’ responsibilities: authors must participate in the anonymous peer review process. Authors are requested to provide the journal with any corrections or mistakes after printing.
  3. Reviewers: The review process is conducted anonymously by experts in the area of the research. The review process should be objective and constructive.
  4. Editorial responsibilities: The editors have the final say on whether to accept or reject an article. Editors must maintain an anonymous review process.
  5. Publishing ethics standards: The editorial board must establish that ethics standards are being met. Establish, as much as possible, that there is no plagiarism or fraudulent data.


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