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The Baltic Journal of Political Science is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University. The journal geographically focuses on the Baltic Sea area (in particular on the Baltic states) and provides a platform for theoretical and empirical research papers and book reviews of researchers, academicians, professionals, and promising students on political theory, comparative politics, international relations and public policy. The journal aims to sustain a wide profile of scientific publications delivering rigorous analytical insights into contempo­rary political phenomena in the region and to be ranked as a regular and high-quality academic periodical. The BJPS reaches out for academic community and political practitioners and offers ample opportunities for scholarly visibility and potential impact. The journal welcomes article proposals and book reviews related to different facets of the aforementioned scientific fields of political science and thematically similar disciplines. Proposals undergo a blind peer-review process (two anonymous reviewers) by scholars established in their respective fields. Authors and co-authors will receive a copy of the journal with their article. The journal is published in print version.
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The scholarly journal Knygotyra (Book Science) is constantly published since 1961. The title in 1961–1969 was Bibliotekininkystes ir bibliografijos klausimai (Issues of Librarianship and Bibliography), but since 1970 it was changed to Knygotyra. The journal has maintained its profile in book research throughout its lifetime, though also reacted timely to the contemporary problems of book research. At the beginning it was published in two parts. One of them focused on book history and publishing, the other – on librarianship, bibliography and information science. From 1994, the second part has acquired independent status and is published as Informacijos mokslai (Information Science) untill present day. This separation and reform has been caused by changes in the political and social situation since 1990, as it has opend up the possibilities to develop the brances of scholarship that were neglected before, enhance the possibilities of book research and information science. The separation of two parts have also defined their subject more clearly. In 1990-2001 Knygotyra has been published in one annual volume, and since 2002, two volumes are issued in June-July and October-November. The size of the journal has also grown: starting from 240 annual pages at present it reaches 640 a year. 

The contents of Knygotyra include theory and methodology of book science, history and historiography of book, source investigation, book art, research of bibliophile activity, book culture, traditional and digital publishing studies, research of book heritage and book in the media system, as well as neighbouring subjects, such as librarianship and library history, bibliography, archival research, documentation, history of literacy and writing, and interdisciplinary subjects, such as digital humanities. 

Knygotyra has formed its identity as a journal and strong publication tradition and unites a wide circle of Lithuanian and foreign authors. It is an open access publication (without author charges), is read, recognized and valued not only in Lithuania, but also by foreign research community. The journal is acquired by twelve countries in Europe, America and Asia. Vilnius University Library exchanges the paper version of Knygotyra with 23 foreign institutions. However it is freely accessible to anyone over the internet. 

Knygotyra is indexed in the following international databases:
Book History Online (BHO)  

EBSCO Electronic Journals Service

Library, Information Science et Technology Abstracts (LISTA) 

Modern Language Association International Bibliography 

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB): Electronic Journals Library 

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