KNYGOTYRA, t. 69, 2017



Jonathan ROSE. Rereading the English Common Reader: A Preface to a History of Audience. Translation into Lithuanian by Elena Macevičiūtė

Ina KAŽURO. Organisation of Activities of Vilnius Basilian Printing House in 1628–1845

Remigijus MISIŪNAS. Questions of Education and Reading in USA Lithuanian Periodicals (End of 19th C.–1904)

Edita SĖDAITYTĖ. Concept of Soviet Censorship and its Research Trends in Historiography

Lina LEBEDNIKAITĖ. Lithuanian Literary Prizes and their Importance for Publishing

Gerda DACYTĖ. Control of Extreme Emergency Situations and Protection Measures of Movable Cultural Property: a Case Study of two Lithuanian Memory Institutions

Fausta BRASAITĖ. Publishing Behaviour of Scholars in the Context of Open Access: Methods and Tendencies of Empirical Research


Alma BRAZIŪNIENĖ. Lithuanian Boot at the Cambridge University Library

Aušra NAVICKIENĖ, Arvydas PACEVIČIUS. Documents about the Beginning of the Book Science at Vilnius University


Larisa LEMPERT. People and Books of Strashun Library


Arvydas PACEVIČIUS about „Private Library of Antanas Baranauskas“ by Inga Liepaitė and Antanas Verbickas

Ona ALEKNAVIČIENĖ about Collection of Articles „The meaning of Christian Donelaitis“

Tomas PETREIKIS about „Donelaitis Memory Heritage“ by Domas Kaunas

Vilma ZARANKAITĖ. Through the Book on Money to the History of Lithuania                   

Osvaldas JANONIS about Minsk Publications by Larisa Dounar


Viktorija VAITKEVIČIŪTĖ. Discoveries at the Incunabula of Vilnius University Library