Vol 35 No 40 (2019): Respectus Philologicus

Vol 35 No 40 (2019)

Respectus Philologicus
Published 2019-04-25

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Gabija Bankauskaitė
Editorial Board and Table of Contents
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Linguistic researches

Zorica Trajkova, Silvana Neshkovska
Strategies of Legitimisation and Delegitimisation in Selected American Presidential Speeches
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Dovilė Vengalienė
Patterns of Ironic Metaphors in Lithuanian Politicized Discourse
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Marek Ruszkowski
Nomina Appellativa as Proper Names of Literary Characters – Spelling Issues
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Danguolė Mikulėnienė
Nomenclature of the Dialectal Attributes: from the Dialectal Features to the Dialectal Markers
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Daiva Aliūkaitė
Objective Dialecticity: Features and Values
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Jan Hajduk
The “Human-animal” Relationship in Psychological Definition Chains
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Agnė Lisauskaitė, Vilma Zubaitienė
The Semantics of the Verbs of Activity in the “Seasons” by Kristijonas Donelaitis
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Lina Vizgirdė
Folk Lexicography. Main Features of “Naive” Explication
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Issues of literary narratives and contexts

Laimutė Adomavičienė
Criticism of Algirdas Landsbergis: the Dialogue between the Lithuanian and Polish Cultures
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Monika Andrulytė
Aspects of Intermediality in the Poems of Alfonsas Nyka-Niliūnas: A Case of a Dialogue between Poetry and Art
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Eglė Voidogienė
Humanities in Sweden: Heroes or Servants?
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Theory and practice of translation

Niroshini Gunasekera, Adriana Şerban
Revisiting Cultural Aspects of Translation: The Case of “Running in the Family” and “Funny Boy” in French
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Mariia Bondarenko
Non-linearity and/in Translation: On Complex Strategies in the Ukrainian Rendition of Joyce’s Novel-Hypertext “Ulysses”
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Scientific life chronicle

Samanta Rutkauskaitė
The Latest Monograph on Lithuanian Dialects
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Loreta Ulvydienė, Neda Pogoželskaitė, Urtė Pužaitė, Urtė Rimkutė
Interview with Prof. Jorge Díaz-Cintas
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Gertrūda Gulbinaitė, Evelina Senkevičiūtė, Loreta Ulvydienė
“Dialogues”: Art Exhibition Promoting Intercultural Communication and Tolerance among Nations
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Gabija Bankauskaitė
Accents of Modernism of Kaunas in Florence
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Gabija Bankauskaitė
Author Guidelines and Bibliographic Data
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