Information For Authors

1. Preparation of the manuscripts:

The manuscript should contain the following (in order of appearance):
– Name and surname of author;
– Title of the article;
– Abstract of the article (max. 500 characters);
– Keywords (from 3 till 7);
– The body text of the article (min. 40.000; max. 80.000 characters);
– Endnotes;
– References;
– Address of the academic institution and e-mail of author

2. Authors should submit an electronic copy of the article to the addresses of editors: or

3. Format of references:
List of entries cited in the text should correspond to the following criteria:

a) Books:
Kavolis, Vytautas. 1994. Žmogus istorijoje. Vilnius: Vaga.
Alexander, Jeffrey. 1987. Twenty Lectures: Sociological Theory Since World War II. New York: Columbia University Press.
Alexander, Jeffrey. 1982-83. Theoretical Logic in Sociology (4 vols). Berkeley: University of California Press.

b) Articles in journals and books:
Kavolis, Vytautas. 1996. „Lietuvos sociologija pakeliui į save“, Kultūros barai 1: 2-8.
Alexander, Jeffrey C. 1989. ‘Introduction’ in Jeffrey C. Alexander. 1989. Structure and Meaning. Relinking Classical Sociology. New York: Columbia University Press: 1-7.
Alexanderis, Jeffrey 1999. „Modernizmas, anti-, post- ir neomodernizmas: socialinių teorijų pastangos suprasti mūsų laikų ‘naująjį pasaulį’ “, Sociologija. Mintis ir veiksmas 1(3): 22-39.

c) Articles in collective monographs:
Beck, Ulrich. 1994. ‘The Reinvention of Politics: Towards a Theory of Reflexive Modernization’ in Ulrich Beck, Anthony Giddens and Scott Lash (eds.) Reflexive Modernization. Politics, Tradition and Aesthetics in the Modern Social Order. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.
Giddens, Anthony and Turner, Jonathan. 1987. ‘Introduction’ in Anthony Giddens and Jonathan
Turner (eds.) Social Theory Today. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.
Greimas, Algirdas Julius. 1996. „Apie atsitiktinumus vadinamuosiuose humanitariniuose moksluose“ kn. Mitologija šiandien. Antologija (sudarė Algirdas Julius Greimas, Teresa Mary Keane). Vilnius: Baltos lankos.

d) Format of references in the text
(Kavolis 1996; 76) - pagination follows year, separated by semicolons
(Bourdieu 1984; Dimaggio 1987; Lamont 1988) - enclose within a single pair of parentheses a series of references separated by semicolons
(Hardt and Negri 2000) - with dual authorship, give both names;
(Bennett et al. 1986) - for three or more names use 'et al.'