Sequent systems for PLTL
Romas Alonderis
Vilnius University
Regimantas Pliuškevičius
Vilnius University
Published 2013-12-15


temporal logics
sequent calculi
$\omega$-type rule
weak-induction rule
looping axioms
invariant-like rule

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Alonderis R. and Pliuškevičius R. (2013) “Sequent systems for PLTL”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 54(A), pp. 1–5. doi: 10.15388/LMR.A.2013.03.


We consider three sequent calculi for propositional linear temporal logic (PLTL) which allow us to formalize the properties of operator “always”.  The main new results presented in the paper are: (1) introduction of the calculus with
looping axioms; (2) the direct proof that the presented calculi are equivalent; (3) the proof of completeness of the calculi with looping axioms and with invariant-like rule based on completeness of the calculus with the infinitary $\omega$-type rule.

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