On new stability estimations in Ramachandran–Rao characterization
Romanas Januševičius
Vilniaus pedagoginis universitetas
Olga Januševičienė
Matematikos ir informatikos institutas
Published 2008-12-21


Cauchy distribution
sample mean
identically distributed statistics
stability estimations

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Januševičius R. and Januševičienė O. (2008) “On new stability estimations in Ramachandran–Rao characterization”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 48(proc. LMS), pp. 386–388. doi: 10.15388/LMR.2008.18127.


B. Ramachandran and C.R. Rao have proved that if X, X1, X2, . . ., Xn are i.i.d. random variables and if distributions of sample mean \bar X = \bar X(n) = (X1 + ··· + Xn)/n and monomial X are coincident at least at two points n = j1 and n = j2 such that log j1/ log j2 is irrational, then X follows a Cauchy law. Assuming that condition of coincidence of \bar X(n) and X are fulfilled at least for two n values, but only approximately, with some error ε in metric λ, we prove that, in certain sense, characteristic function of X is close to the characteristic function of the Cauchy distribution and construct stability estimation.

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