Jonas Mašiotas the mathematics teacher
Algirdas Ažubalis
Lietuvos karo akademija
Published 2021-06-14


the concept of a function
didactics of mathematics

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Ažubalis A. (2021) “Jonas Mašiotas the mathematics teacher”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 47(spec.), pp. 299–303. doi: 10.15388/LMR.2007.24218.


Mathematics teacher Jonas Mašiotas (1897–1953) was the son of Pranas Mašiotas (1863–1940) – the famous Lithuania author of mathematical coursebooks and didactic articles as well as the a creator of books for children. JonasMašiotas studied mathematics in Germany and Switzerland. Prior to the studies, he was engaged as a teacher in Marijampol˙e, after completion of the studies – in Kaunas and during the World War II – in Vilkija. He published 2 articles in didactics of mathematics and 5 coursebooks (including one that consisted of 7 parts), edited and published the coursebook in trigonometry prepared by his father P. Mašiotas. He was one of the enthusiasts for introducing the concept of a function into the school curriculum in mathematics.

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