Modeling of constrained motion
Vytautas Kleiza
Vytauto Magnus University
Rima Šatinskaitė
Vytauto Magnus University
Published 2021-12-20


mathematical model
nonlinear differential equation
constrained motion
gravitation force
energy dissipation

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Kleiza V. and Šatinskaitė R. (2021) “Modeling of constrained motion”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 62(B), pp. 43-49. doi: 10.15388/LMR.2021.25225.


This paper presents an investigation of modeling and solving of differential equations in the study of mechanical systems with holonomic constraints. The 2D and 3D mathematical models of constrained motion are made. The structure of the models consists of nonlinear first or second order differential equations. Cases of free movement and movement with resistance are investigated. Solutions of the Cauchy problem of obtained differential equations were obtained by Runge–Kutta method.

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