Archaeologia Lituana ISSN 1392-6748 eISSN 2538-8738

2020, vol. 21, p. 10

Investigating Bones: Diet, Health, Environment in the Baltic Region

Dear friends and colleagues,

Thank you all for participating in the “Investigating Bones: Diet, Health, Environment in the Baltic Region” conference. It was a great pleasure, as well as an honor, to see so many of you gathering in one place. Those two days were full of interesting presentations, new research, and fruitful discussions. We do not know how it is with you, but those happy memories are still with us!

The event that brought us all together was a perfect opportunity to meet colleagues from the Baltic region and share information regarding ongoing investigations. The only feature differentiating our conference from the previous ones was the unique format involving both zooarchaeologists and anthropologists. After all, human and animal bones are not uncommon in the archaeological context, and some fundamental questions regarding either humans or animals inevitably intertwine. Bound by osteological material, we would like to not only share new experiences, but also to find a point of contact that would help us to understand each other better. Thus, this special issue contains some of the contributions presented at the meeting.

We hope that the conference was a new stimulus for all of us to find new collaborations or, at least, open a pathway to a new and exciting combined approach.

Giedrė Piličiauskienė

Justina Kozakaitė


The Vilnius meeting was ended at a Kernavė Archaeological Site (UNESCO World Heritage Site).