Archaeological Leather Finds of the 17th –19th Centuries from Žiežmariai
Arūnas Puškorius
Atas Žvirblys
Published 2017-12-28

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Puškorius, Arūnas, and Atas Žvirblys. 2017. “Archaeological Leather Finds of the 17th –19th Centuries from Žiežmariai”. Archaeologia Lituana 18 (December), 78-95.


The article investigates archaeological leather finds that were unearthed in Žiežmariai during archaeological excavations in years 2013 and 2015. A variety of finds is revealed; the constructions of items and the peculiarities of producing have been analyzed. These kinds of artifacts are rare in the archaeological stretches of the Lithuanian periphery towns. Their analysis lead us to a better understanding of the specific features of the daily life of periphery towns, which are situated in distant locations from the economic and political centers.

Keywords: leather shoes, archaeological excavations, periphery, Žiežmariai, leather artifacts

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