Lithuanian printing-hоusеs in thе USA (till 1904)
Dalia Gargasaitė
Published 1983-12-01

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Gargasaitė D. (1983). Lithuanian printing-hоusеs in thе USA (till 1904). Knygotyra, 16(9-1), 82–94. Retrieved from


In the article there is a short review of the Lithuanian printing-houses activities in the USA. In 30 years a lot of p.-h. were founded. They printed on the whole during 1874–1904 years about 700 books and leaflets. The most productive of them were p.-h. of the newspaper “Vienybė lietuvninkų” in Plymouth, “Saulė” in Mahanoy City – both Pa., also the newspaper “Lietuva” in Chicago, III. The production of lithuanian p.-h. was destined for emigrants only partly. The part of circulation was sent to Lithuania, where since 1864 till 1904 years there was suppressed printing in Roman characters.

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