Vol 74 (2020): Knygotyra

Vol 74 (2020)

Published 2020-07-09

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Viktorija Vaitkevičiūtė
Peculiarities of Dissemination and Functioning of Incunabula: Cases of Collections of Lithuanian Memory Institutions
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Sondra Rankelienė
The Books of Sigismund II Augustus in Vilnius University Library: Decorations of Book Covers and New Data about Provenances
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Tomaš Božerocki
The Significance of the Bernardine Fund in the Study of Historiographical Narratives on Kmicic’s Armia Krajowa Brigade
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Asta Petraitytė-Briedienė
History of One Document from the US National Archives: Memorandum of Conversation of the US Department of State
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Daiva Dapkutė
From Sandwich to Santara: Frivolously Serious Publications by Lithuanian Students in the US
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Žydronė Kolevinskienė
Women’s Literature in Emigration in 1950–1990: the Issue of the Canon
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Jolanta Budriūnienė
The Lithuanian American Cultural Press in English (1950-1990) in the Aspect of the Dissemination of the Lithuanian Identity
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Jana Dreimane
Uppsala Latvian Library and Its Donation to Latvia in 1989
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Tomas Čelkis
Two Documents on the Day-to-Day Life of a Cartographer in the 17th c. Grand Duchy of Lithuania
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Greta Lemanaitė
A Book on the Antiquarian and Bibliophile H. Bukowski
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Vytautas Rinkevičius
Lithuanica an Baltica aliter?
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Alma Braziūnienė
On the Bibliopolis: Museum of the Books and Scholarly Thought of Lithuania
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