Special Issue

Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies
Special Issue

Reshaping Consumer Centred Marketing across Diverse Markets and Different Contexts

Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies mission is to contribute to the development and dissemination of multidisciplinary knowledge on organizations and markets in emerging economies and to offer an outlet to high quality scholarship.

This Special Issue is dedicated to the marketing developments in various markets with the emphasis on specificities in consumer needs, behaviours and experiences. We are happy to inform that the special issue will be guest-edited by:

Prof. Jurate Banyte (Kaunas University of Technology) – Guest Editor

Assoc. Prof. Aiste Dovaliene (Kaunas University of Technology) – Managing Editor

We invite innovative papers on the theme of this special issue, including but not limited to the following aspects:

  • Consumer values, attitudes and behaviours in response to rapidly changing realities
  • Consumer data in marketing: coping with the issues of privacy, uncertainties and control
  • Marketing with the help of innovative technologies (artificial intelligence, augmented realities, robotics, etc.)
  • Value creation and consumer engagement in digital ecosystems
  • Drivers and models of sustainable consumption

The journal takes a broad definition of emerging economies. As such, emerging economies include the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe, Asian nations, countries in Central and South America, and finally countries in Africa. Each of these regions faces unique challenges and we encourage research that highlights the uniqueness of the particular region or country.

There are two tracks to submit manuscripts to this Special Issue:

  1. Regular Track – by submitting a manuscript to the journal in a regular way with the indication that a paper is aimed to the Special Issue in Marketing.
  2. Conference track (fast track) – by participating in the conference EMAC Regional 2022, after which the best papers will be recommended for publishing in the Special Issue. These manuscripts will follow all typical review procedures of the journal except the desk review stage.

The journal philosophy and ensuing practice allows the double-blind peer-review procedure to be rigorous, constructive, and stimulating, which helps advance research papers. We invite original studies that are presented in fluent English (professional language editing is highly recommended).

The invitation to this Special Issue is open until the 30th of November, 2022. The Special Issue will be published in 2023.

Prof. Sigitas Urbonavicius,
Editor-in-Chief Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies