Vol 102 No 2 (2021): Politologija

Vol 102 No 2 (2021)

Published 2021-10-18

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Ainė Ramonaitė (Author)
The Phenomenon of the Freedom Party: the Effect of Newness or the Beginning of a New Value Cleavage?
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Agnietė Žotkevičiūtė Banevičienė (Author)
Interpretation of military power in the context of realism paradigm
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Paulius Skirkevičius (Author)
All Different, Yet All the Same? The Place of New Parties in Lithuanian Party System
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Nataliia Karpchuk | Bohdan Yuskiv (Author)
Dominating Concepts of Russian Federation Propaganda Against Ukraine (Content and Collocation Analyses of Russia Today)
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Justinas Dementavičius (Author)
Politologai apie „Politologiją“ ir jos politologiją. Diskusija išėjus 100-ajam numeriui
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