Supply of Political Services and Support of Them
Valdas Pruskus
Published 1999-09-29

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Pruskus V. (1999). Supply of Political Services and Support of Them. Problemos, 55, 32-40.


Political services to users (electors) are supplied by political organizations and single politicians. In addition to that primary suppliers also suppliers middle persons take part in realization of them. They are political agents (functioneers of political organizations) and special middle-persons (employees of mass media, advertising and sociological services, political scientists, whose services are used by political organizations). In the present article their place and role in supply of political services to users are described. Three level (channel) system of supply of political services is analysed: 1) supply of political services through zero-channel, i.e. through direct link between the producer and the user of the political service; 2) there is one middle-person in the realization channel of political service between the producer and the user of the political service; 3) the level channel of realization of a political service which involves the participation of two middle-persons. Advantages and imperfections of the above-mentioned channels of realization of political services are discussed. It is concluded that a political organization must to try to select the channel of supply of political services as correctly as possible after the scrupulous evaluation of all its advantages and imperfections. The more the choice of such channel affects also the total market of political services. Also the price of the political service and the opinion of the users (electors) on the offered political product depends on this choice.
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