V. Seseman and N. Hartmann: Friendship and Collaboration
Nikodemas Juršėnas
Published 1995-09-30

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Juršėnas N. (1995). V. Seseman and N. Hartmann: Friendship and Collaboration. Problemos, 48, 92-102. https://doi.org/10.15388/Problemos.1995.48.7028


The lives and views of the two philosophers – V. Seseman and N. Hartmann – are described. The paper is based essentially on unpublished letters of the two philosophers. The relations between N. Hartmann and his Marburgian friend H. Heimsoeth (1886-1975) are considered too. The academic situation of the time as well as philosophical schools of H. Cohen, P. Natorp, E. Husserl, W. Dilthey, A. Bergson, and M. Scheler are presented.
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