Vol 10 (2020): Climate Change in Lithuania

Vol 10 (2020)

Vilnius University Proceedings
Climate Change in Lithuania

The conference is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of meteorological observations, that started in 1770. The observations were performed at the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius University and supervised by Rector Martynas Počobutas-Odlianickis. The presentation share experiences gained from monitoring climate change and addressing current climate change issues related to threats for the national environment, economy and human well-being, also include discussions about the implementation of climate change policy objectives and other topics.

Published 2020-05-21

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Jokūbas Sūdžius
Marcin Poczobutt-Odlanicki – Mathematician, Astronomer, Educator
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Egidijus Rimkus | Donatas Valiukas
250 Years of Meteorological Measurements in Vilnius
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Arūnas Bukantis | Justas Kažys
330 Years of Vilnius’ Climate: History and Future
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Mečislovas Žalakevičius
Climate Change Impact on Bird Annual Life Cycle: Challenges, Threats and Forecasts for Lithuania
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Ingrida Šaulienė | Laura Šukienė
Pollen Clouds: What is under Investigation in Modern Aerobiology?
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Gintautas Stankūnavičius | Donatas Pupienis | Dainius Frišmanas | Darius Jarmalavičius
Strongest Wind Storms in the Lithuanian Baltic Coast
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Justinas Kilpys | Egidijus Rimkus | Silvija Pipiraitė - Januškienė
Review of Snow Cover Measurement Methods, Their Biases, and Applications in Climate Research
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Jūratė Kriaučiūnienė | Brunonas Gailiušis | Diana Šarauskienė | Darius Jakimavičius | Diana Meilutytė-Lukauskienė | Vytautas Akstinas | Aldona Jurgelėnaitė
Impact of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activity on Water Bodies
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Vilija Augutavičienė | Judita Liukaitytė-Kukienė
Climate Change Management Policy and Its Implementation in Lithuania
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Arvydas Povilaitis | Otilija Miseckaitė | Valerijus Gasiūnas
Water Management Challenges in the Rural Areas in Changing Climate
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Arūnas Bukantis | Gytis Valaika
Validation of the CFSv2 Model Technologies for Long Range Weather Forecasts: Lithuania’s Case
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Gintarė Stankūnienė
Household Energy Saving for Climate Change Mitigation: Review and Research Analysis
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Gintė Medzvieckaitė
The National Open Access Research Data Archive (MIDAS) and Its Potential Benefits for Climate Research
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Rūtilė Pukienė | Adomas Vitas | Justas Kažys | Egidijus Rimkus
Climate Conditions Impact on Annual Growth of Pinus sylvestris L. in the Aukštaitija National Park (Lithuania)
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Katrina Navickaitė | Justinas Kilpys
Determination of Ice Regime in the Curonian Lagoon using Satellite Data
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Danuta Romanovskaja | Eugenija Bakšienė
The Influence of Climate Change on Plant Phenological Phases in Lithuania
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Ligita Baležentienė | Ovidijus Mikša
Carbon Footprint in Agroecosystems of Temperate Climate
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Gintaras Račas | Arūnas Bukantis
Baltic Sea Ice Extent Change during the 18th–21st Centuries
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Laura Urbanavičiūtė | Arūnas Bukantis
The Formation of a Heat Island in Vilnius City
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Arūnas Bukantis
Development of Studies at the Department of Hydrology and Climatology of Vilnius University
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Ieva Medinytė
Seasonal Crime Rates and Their Links with Weather Anomalies in Lithuania
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Diana Meilutytė-Lukauskienė | Vytautas Akstinas | Jūratė Kriaučiūnienė
Features and Causes of Catastrophic Floods in the Nemunas River Basin
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Vytautas Akstinas | Darius Jakimavičius | Diana Meilutytė-Lukauskienė | Diana Šarauskienė | Serhii Nazarenko
Uncertainty of Runoff Projections in Lithuanian Rivers
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Gretė Vaičaitytė
GLOBE Program Opportunities for Natural and Ecological Education for Students
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Izolda Marcinonienė | Donatas Valiukas
Following the Study at the Bergen Summer Research School: Global Climate Change and Impact on Lithuania
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Darius Jakimavičius | Jūratė Kriaučiūnienė
The Hydrological Changes of the Curonian Lagoon in the Context of Climate Change
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Judita Navašinskienė
Trends in Air Temperature and Extreme Weather Events at the Seaside
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Julius Taminskas | Vidas Mikulėnas | Simonas Danielius | Jonas Satkūnas | Vytautas Minkevičius
Karst Denudation Intensity and Climate Change – Case of Lithuania
Abstract views 395 | Article downloads (PDF) 125
Šarūnas Kubilius | Arūnas Bukantis
Changes of Palmer Drought Severity Index in the North Atlantic – European Sector Throughout the Warm Seasons of 1950–2015
Abstract views 347 | Article downloads (PDF) 112
Justinas Mikėnas | Donatas Pupienis
The Change of Rhythmic Patterns on the Sandy Baltic Sea Coasts
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Leonas Jarašius | Nerijus Zableckis | Jūratė Sendžikaitė
Reduction of Land-Use Based CO2 Emissions – Feasibility of Paludiculture in Lithuania
Abstract views 355 | Article downloads (PDF) 156
Laurynas Klimavičius | Egidijus Rimkus | Edvinas Stonevičius
Seasonality and Long-Term Trends of NDVI Values in Different Land Use Types in the Eastern Part of the Baltic Sea Basin
Abstract views 398 | Article downloads (PDF) 128
Asta Malakauskienė
Phenological Changes of Climate Warming Induced Local and Introduced Woody Plant Species
Abstract views 347 | Article downloads (PDF) 116
Igor Berezovskij | Irina Kliopova
Reduction of Industry Impact on Climate Change through Implementation of Cleaner Production Projects
Abstract views 376 | Article downloads (PDF) 141
Justinas Kilpys | Huan Meng | Yalei You | Jun Dong | Ralph Ferraro
Application of Random forest Algorithm to Detect Snowfall from ATMS Measurements
Abstract views 366 | Article downloads (PDF) 117
Aldona Baubinienė | Julius Taminskas
Hydrological State of the Neris River and Its Influence on the Formation of Islands and Shoals in the Riverbed
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Rimas Meištininkas | Konstantinas Iljasevičius
Reducing the Negative Effects of the Climate through Proper Management of Biodegradable Waste
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Jūratė Sendžikaitė | Leonas Jarašius | Žydrūnas Sinkevičius | Nerijus Zableckis
GEST Approach in Lithuania: Vegetation Cover Studies for assessing GHG Emissions from Degraded and Rewetted Peatlands
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Ieva Baužienė | Algirdas Augustaitis | Gintaras Pivoras
Results of Soil, Ground and Runoff Water Monitoring according to ICP-Forests Program in 25 Years: Climate Change Impact to Forest Arenosol and Ecosystem
Abstract views 360 | Article downloads (PDF) 120
Brigita Railian | Edvinas Stonevičius
Evaluation of Biophysical Vegetation Parameters Based on Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
Abstract views 390 | Article downloads (PDF) 136
Agnė Minderytė | Julija Pauraitė | Steigvilė Byčenkienė
Source Apportionment and Optical Properties of Black Carbon Aerosol Particles
Abstract views 349 | Article downloads (PDF) 100
Simona Dalinkevičiūtė | Justas Kažys
Adjustment and Comparison of Tourism Index in Baltic Coastal Cities
Abstract views 334 | Article downloads (PDF) 103
Dainius Frišmantas | Gintautas Stankūnavičius
Spatial Features of Heavy Precipitation Pattern in Lithuania
Abstract views 331 | Article downloads (PDF) 116
Tomas Žukaitis | Inga Liaudanskienė | Aleksandras Velykis | Antanas Satkus
Possibilities of Organic Carbon Sequestration in Heavy Loam Soils due to Reduced Tillage
Abstract views 331 | Article downloads (PDF) 142
Rytis Veverskis
Chlorophyll a Content Evaluation in the Southeastern Baltic Sea, Based on Sentinel-3 Data
Abstract views 332 | Article downloads (PDF) 117
Laura Doveikaitė | Mindaugas Grajauskas | Marilė Kosaitė | Gintarė Kugytė | Justinas Mikėnas | Paulius Starkus
Determination of Solar Activity Cycles in Mean Air Temperature Sequences
Abstract views 350 | Article downloads (PDF) 113
Lina Davulienė
Models of Black Carbon Climate Effects
Abstract views 378 | Article downloads (PDF) 110
Eglė Semaškaitė | Ernestas Kutorga | Sigitas Juzėnas
Fruiting Fluctuation of Sarcosoma globosum and Coherence with Environmental Factors
Abstract views 363 | Article downloads (PDF) 114
Neringa Mačiulevičiūtė-Turlienė | Artūras Bautrėnas | Jonas Kaminskas
The Impact of Meteorological Factors on Dune Dynamics
Abstract views 342 | Article downloads (PDF) 97
Aira Dubikaltienė | Donatas Pupienis | Darius Jarmalavičius | Gintautas Žilinskas | Dovilė Karlonienė
Variation of Sand Grain Size on Beaches in 1993–2018, Curonian Spit
Abstract views 359 | Article downloads (PDF) 108
Viktorija Mačiulytė | Gintautas Stankūnavičius
Thermal Seasonal Changes in the Middle Lithuania
Abstract views 340 | Article downloads (PDF) 136
Ugnė Bagdonaitė | Liepa Butkutė | Lėja Kalvelytė | Meda Paulavičiūtė | Tėja Kalpokaitė | Elzė Petkevičiūtė
The Warming Arctic: Changes and Problems
Abstract views 398 | Article downloads (PDF) 122
Miglė Žalytė | Inga Puriuškytė | Emilija Kiškytė
The Survey of the Impact on Climate Change in Different Areas of the World
Abstract views 385 | Article downloads (PDF) 122
Regina Morkūnaitė | Aldona Baubinienė | Artūras Bautrėnas
The Outcrop of Vilnia River as a Reflection of Climate Change
Abstract views 352 | Article downloads (PDF) 119
Edvina Krokaitė | Dinara Shakeneva | Tomas Rekašius | Lina Jocienė | Eugenija Kupčinskienė
Relationship of Some Major Lithuanian Macrophites to Land Use and Cover Types
Abstract views 348 | Article downloads (PDF) 108
Edvina Krokaitė | Tomas Rekašius | Erika Juškaitytė | Lina Jocienė | Eugenija Kupčinskienė
Nitrogen Nutrition of Echinocystis Lobata Depending on Habitat
Abstract views 355 | Article downloads (PDF) 112
Silvija Pipiraitė - Januškienė
Measurements of Vilnius University Meteorological Station 2012–2020
Abstract views 335 | Article downloads (PDF) 119
Julija Pauraitė | Kristina Plauškaitė | Vidmantas Ulevičius | Steigvilė Byčenkienė
Source Related Light Scattering and Absorption by Aerosol in Lithuania
Abstract views 385 | Article downloads (PDF) 131
Lina Čeičytė | Emilija Šaulytė | Judita Liukaitytė-Kukienė
Programme for Climate Change
Abstract views 345 | Article downloads (PDF) 138
Kristina Viršilaitė | Donatas Pupienis
Heavy Mineral Impact on Beach Slope Formation
Abstract views 332 | Article downloads (PDF) 107
Dalia Grendaitė | Edvinas Stonevičius
Seasonal Chlorophyll-a Concentration Variation from Satellite Data in Eutrophic Lakes in Lithuania
Abstract views 364 | Article downloads (PDF) 136