The perception of chromatic stimuli in the peripheral human retina
Declan J. McKeefry
Neil R. A. Parry
Ian J. Murray
Athanasios Panorgias
Published 2008-01-01


opponent processes
central and peripheral retina

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McKeefry D. J., A. Parry N. R., Murray I. J., & Panorgias A. (2008). The perception of chromatic stimuli in the peripheral human retina. Psichologija, 38, 19-28.


We have studied the changes that occur in human colour perception in the peripheral retina. By modelling the magnitude of activation produced in the L-M and S-(L+M) cone-opponent systems for matched para-foveal and peripheral chromatic stimuli, we have found that variations in perceived appearance are mirrored by a reduction in function of the L-M opponent system. The operation of the S-cone opponent system is affected to a much lesser degree, implying that there is a changing pattern of predominance between the two cone-opponent mechanisms in the peripheral retina. We will explore possible retinal and cortical bases for these changes.


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