On the issue of efficiency of demonstrating a physics experiment at school
S. Jakutis
V. Valentinavičius
Published 1962-01-06


demonstration experiment and teaching of physics

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Jakutis S., & Valentinavičius V. (1962). On the issue of efficiency of demonstrating a physics experiment at school. Psichologija, 3, 45-53. https://doi.org/10.15388/Psichol.1962.3.8860


When improving the content and methods of the school course used when teaching physics, it is necessary to develop demonstration experiment. It is expedient to abandon a special schematic illustration of devices. Their structure must meet the equipment used in practice to a particular extent. A demonstration experiment must also reflect the newest achievement in technology.

The demonstration experiment must be used not only for teaching new material, but also in other stages of a lesson. The involvement of students into preparation for the demonstration experiment and conduction thereof has a positive effect on the quality of their knowledge, as well as the development of practical faculties and skills.

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