No 20-21 (2017): Religija ir kultūra

No 20-21 (2017)

Religija ir kultūra
Published 2017-04-30

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Rita Šerpytytė
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Emilio Carlo Corriero
Future, or On the Redemption of Nature after Schelling and Nietzsche
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Gaetano Chiurazzi
The Human World as Augmented Reality: Transcendentalism and Anthropological Difference
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Miglė Miliūnaitė
Sacred and Secular Music in the Bible
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Domantas Markevičius
A Conversation That Never Was: Del Noce and Vattimo on Atheism, Secularization, and Nihilism
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Vaiva Daraškevičiūtė
The Problem of Representation of Religious in Contemporary Art. Secular and Postsecular Perspectives
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Tomas Nemunas Mickevičius
Reception of Heidegger’s Notion of the Essence of Technology in the “Empirical Turn” Philosophy of Technology
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