No 41 (46) (2022): Respectus Philologicus

No 41 (46) (2022)

Respectus Philologicus
Published 2022-04-15

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Linguistic research

Džemal Špago
Insulting Rhetorical Questions – Mitigators or Amplifiers?
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Sigita Rackevičienė | Andrius Utka | Agnė Bielinskienė | Aivaras Rokas
Distribution of Terms Across Genres in the Annotated Lithuanian Cybersecurity Corpus
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Joanna Kowalczyk
Compressed Informativeness in Polish Legal Text
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Rami Maher Delli | Jagdish Kaur | Siew Mei Pauline Lai | Francisco Perlas Dumanig
Self-Repair Practices in Pharmacist-Patient Interaction and their Role in Preventing Misunderstanding and Maintaining Medication Safety
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Maria Caroline Samodra | Barli Bram
Modal Verb “Shall” in Contemporary American English: A Corpus-Based Study
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Piotr Zbróg
Syntax Determinants ad sensum and ad formam in Sentences with a Serial Subject
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Jolanta Vaskelienė
On Common Root Nouns of the Lithuanian Language with the Suffixes -(i)acija and -imas
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Issues of literary narratives and contexts

Feliks Shteinbuk
Transgressive Character of the Femme Fatale Image in Oles Ulianenko’s Novel “Seraphim”
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Hanna Dashchenko
The Genesis of Yi’an Style (易安體) in Medieval Chinese Poetry
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Lurjana Krasniqi | Lindita Tahiri
A Narrative of Different Voices: Stylistic Analysis of Multiple Points of View in Zadie Smith’s “NW”
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Elina Vasiljeva | Elvira Isajeva
Contemporary Russian Literature in Latvia: Children’s Literature
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Virginija Babonaitė-Paplauskienė
Reflections on Henrikas Nagys’ Life and Works in “Diary”
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Maryana Hirnyak
Dialogue with the Bible in the Poetical Dramas by Lesya Ukrainka: Philosophical Reflections and Dominant Symbols
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Theory and practice of translation

Nida Salim Omar | Kais Amir Kadhim Al Alwan | Mahmood Abdul Khaliq Al-Baqoa
Translating Arabic Poetic Riddles into English: An Approach in Qualitative Studies
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Danguolė Satkauskaitė | Jurgita Astrauskienė
The Translation of Culture-bound References for Dubbing: A Model for the Analysis
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Research by young scientists

Patrycja Kubicha
Chosen Keywords in the Discourse of British Politicians on Brexit: A Pragmatic Analysis
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Raymond Echitchi
Graffiti and the Discursive Construction of Fitness in Gyms
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Yuliia Hryshko
The The Associative Influence of Phonetic Nonce Words (Occasionalisms) in Modern Ukrainian Poetical Discourse
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Ewelina Kaczor
St. Hedwig of Silesia: The Ducal Ideal of a Wife in Light of 15th-century “Sermones de sancta Hedwigis”
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