Comparisons of Some Weighting Methods for Non-response Adjustment
Bernardo Jo˜ao Rota
Örebro University, Sweden; Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
Thomas Laitila
Örebro University, Sweden; Statistics Sweden
Published 2015-12-20


auxiliary variables
response probability
maximum likelihood

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Rota B. J. and Laitila T. (2015) “Comparisons of Some Weighting Methods for Non-response Adjustment”, Lithuanian Journal of Statistics, 54(1), pp. 69-83. doi: 10.15388/LJS.2015.13882.


Sample and population auxiliary information have been demonstrated to be useful and yield approximately equal resultsin large samples. Several functional forms of weights are suggested in the literature. This paper studies the properties of calibrationestimators when the functional form of response probability is assumed to be known. The focus is on the difference between populationand sample level auxiliary information, the latter being demonstrated to be more appropriate for estimating the coefficients in theresponse probability model. Results also suggest a two-step procedure, using sample information for model coefficient estimation inthe first step and calibration estimation of the study variable total in the second step.

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