Vol 113 (2019): Teisė

Vol 113 (2019)

Published 2020-01-23

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Aurelijus Gutauskas
Criminal Intelligence and the Privacy of Human Life
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Nika Bruskina
The Reopening of Proceedings After the Judgment of the ECtHR in Cases Against Lithuania
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Justyna Levon | Donatas Murauskas
Introduction of Criminal Liability for Prohibited Biomedical Researches in Lithuania
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Paulius Griciūnas
A Preliminary Ruling Instrument in the Constitutional Jurisprudence of Lithuania
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Remigijus Jokubauskas
Creditor’s Right to Information in Corporate Bankruptcy Proceedings
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Vilius Kuzminskas
The 346 Clause of TFEU Regulation in Different EU Member States
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Edgaras Markevičius
The Problems of Implementing the ePrivacy Directive and Their Solutions in ePrivacy Regulation
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Karolina Mickutė
The Relevance of Consumer Behavior and Competition of Products to Levying Excise Duties on Cosmetics under EU Law
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Problems of Law

Nikita Lyutov
Blurring the Definition of Employment Relations in Russia: Case Law on the General Notion and Some Atypical Forms of Labor
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Aleksandra Klich
Admissibility of the Use of Electronic Means of Evidence Obtained Unlawfully in a Civil Proceeding
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Anna Shafalovich
Some Aspects of the Modern Understanding of Liberty in Law
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