Archaeologia Lituana

Archaeologia Lituana

Founded in 1999 and dedicated to publishing articles on the history and methodology of archaeology as well as publishing important archaeological research in the Baltic region.

Editorial Team


Doc. dr. Algimantas Merkevičius 
Vilnius University

Dr. Rasa Banytė-Rowell 
The Lithuanian Institute of History

Prof. habil. dr. Andris Caune 
Member of Latvian Academy of Science, Institute of Latvian History at the University of Latvia

Akad. prof. dr. Eugenijus Jovaiša 
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Prof. dr. Vladimir Kulakov 
Institute of Archaeology the Russian Academy of Sciences

Prof. dr. Albinas Kuncevičius 
Vilnius University

Akad. prof. dr. Valter Lang 
Tartu University, Estonia

Dr. Inga Merkytė 
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof. habil. dr. Mykolas Michelbertas 
Vilnius University

Prof. habil dr. Wojciech Nowakowski 
Warsaw University, Poland

Prof. dr. Klavs Randsborg † 
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Egidijus Šatavičius 
Vilnius University

Prof. dr. Andris Šnē 
University of Latvia, Latvia

Doc. dr. Gintautas Vėlius 
Vilnius University

Executive Secretary
Violeta Vasiliauskienė 
Vilnius University 

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Vol 18 (2017)
Published 2018-07-03
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