The First Farmers of Ukraine: an Archaeobotanical Investigation and AMS Dating of Wheat Grains from the Ratniv-2 Site

Giedrė Motuzaitė Matuzevičiūtė, Sergey Telizhenko


This paper presents the results of archaeobotanical investigations performed during excavations of a Linear Pottery Culture (LBK) site in western Ukraine. The collection of cultivated plants and weeds found in the hearth of the LBK dwelling fits well with what was grown by LBK inhabitants elsewhere in Europe. The direct dating of cereal grains reveals the existence of early-stage LBK in Ukraine during a much earlier timeframe than previously thought. The new archaeobotanical results and their dates exclude other previously postulated
theories on the timing and geographical origins of agriculture in Ukraine, pointing towards the western LBK phenomenon as the earliest carrier of crop cultivation to Ukraine.


Linear Pottery Culture (LBK), early cereal cultivation, spread of agriculture, the first farmers of Ukraine, Neolithic

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