Vol 19 (2018): Archeologia Lituana

Vol 19 (2018)

Archaeologia Lituana
Archeologia Lituana
Published 2018-12-20

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Algimantas Merkevičius
Editorial Board and Table of Contents
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Algimantas Merkevičius
Hillforts. From Emergence to Present Day
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Valter Lang
Fortified Settlements in the Eastern Baltic: From Earlier Research to New Interpretations
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Josef Hložek, Petr Menšík, Milan Procházka
An Overview of Southern Bohemian Hilltop Settlements from Prehistory to the Late Middle Ages
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Roman Křivánek
The Application of Non-Destructive Geophysical Measurements for Mapping and Surveying the Hillforts in the Czech Republic
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Olga Khomiakova, Ivan Skhodnov, Sergey Chaukin
Hillforts of the Central Nadruvians: A Case Study of Settlement Patterns and Social Organization in Former East Prussia in the First Half of the 1st Millennium AD
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Ramūnas Šmigelskas
Nine Absolute Dates from the Gediminas’s Hill Research
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Albinas Kuncevičius, Inga Merkytė, Justina Poškienė, Regina Prapiestienė, Rokas Vengalis, Gintautas Vėlius, Jonas Volungevičius
Senieji (Old) Trakai: A Case Study of Environmental Transformation
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Mantas Užgalis
The Lamata Hillforts in the Context of the Cultural Landscape’s Transformations
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Dovilė Baltramiejūnaitė
Wheel-turned Pottery in Yotvingian Hillforts
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Sergey Panishko
Hillforts: The Traditions of “Mottes” in the Territory of the Volyn Land in the Lithuanian Period
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Erika Buitkutė, Giedrė Motuzaitė-Matuzevičiūtė
Investigating the Function of a Wooden Building in the Territory of the Vilnius Lower Castle: Findings Based on an Ecofactual Analysis
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Vladimir Dryakhlov, Vladimir Kulakov
The Amulets of German Merovingian Aristocracy
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Mykolas Michelbertas
Farewell to a Prominent Researcher of Baltic Archaeology and History (Ēvalds Mugurēvičs)
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Algimantas Merkevičius
Publications of the Department of Archaeology in 2018
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Violeta Vasiliauskienė.
An Overview of the Scientific Activities of the Department of Archeology
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Algimantas Merkevičius
Author Guidelines and Bibliographic Data
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