2014, No. 16, Table of Contents
Žurnalo Archyvas
Published 2018-10-01



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Current issues on audit and control

Aurelija Kustienė, Independent audit as a strategic tool to reduce the information asymmetry on the market, 10

Rasa Kanapickienė, Control measures in the accounting of intangible assets of public sector entities, 19

Daiva Tamulevičienė, The concept of controlling and its evolution, 28

Rūta Klimaitienė, Kristina Rudžionienė, Andželika Verbliugevičiūtė, The effectiveness of ABC method in small companies, 40

Financial analysis and evaluation

Jonas Mackevičius, Lukas Giriūnas, Model of evaluation of enterprise risk management, 55

Jovita Jusytė, Irma Kamarauskienė, Public sector entities in the financial statements relative analysis: theoretical and practical aspects, 64

Gintarė Labonaitė, Rasa Subačienė, Methodology for net profitability analysis, 79

Lukas Giriūnas, Gintarė Giriūnienė, Research on entrepreneur identification, 89

Gintarė Giriūnienė, Research on entrepreneurship indicators, 97

Solutions in financial science

Erika Beniušytė, Aurelija Zonienė, Financial model of investments to fixed assets, 105

Deimena Kiyak, Individual investor investment alternatives assessment criteria modelling, 114

Jonas Mackevičius, Vilius Savickas, Prof. Vladas Jurgutis on banks: his insights and their development in works Lithuanian author‘s, 129

Challenges in preparing specialists of accounting and finance

Romualdas Valkauskas, Assessment competences professionals, 141

Liucija Budrienė, Milda Kvekšienė, Audronė Meškelienė, Challenges and trends of recognition of accountants’ competences, 149

Audronė Bagdonienė, Fausta Smolenskienė, Analysis of the accounting speciality collage graduates’ employment opportunities at the labour market in the context of the workforce supply and demand, 160

Lina Kušleikienė, Renata Šivickienė, Usage of methods,  which  develop skills of entrepreneurship,  during financial field lectures at Siauliai State College, 172

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