Spatial classification rule with distance in three dimensional space
Giedrius Stabingis
Klaipeda University
Published 2016-12-15


spatial classification
supervised classification
image analysis
three dimensional space

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Stabingis G. (2016) “Spatial classification rule with distance in three dimensional space”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 57(A), pp. 81–85. doi: 10.15388/LMR.A.2016.15.


Spatial Classification Rule with Distance (SCRD) method is used in two dimensional coordinate system, which limits the usage of existing spatial information in MRI, CT and other three dimensional (layered) images. The SCRD method is extended to be applied in three dimensional coordinate space. Artificial experiment is performed in order to show ability to use SCRD method with three dimensional medical or other similar images where training sample is available.

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