Make a Submission

Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys
Make a Submission

Make a submission.  

When submitting an article, please use LMR LaTeX templates and sample (

Requirements for the submitted article:
1. Articles in all mathematics are published in the publication.
2. It is desirable articles are submitted in Lithuanian, English or Russian.
3.The volume of the finalised article (including drawings, tables or other necessary illustrations, bibliography and a summary of the article) shall not exceed 12  pages.

4. The title of the article is followed by the name of the author (s), the authority to which the author (s) attributes the article, the address of the authority (ies), the author (s) email address.
5. Then, if necessary, other additional information (for instance, references to sponsors, dedication, etc.) is provided.
6. The abstract of the article is preceded by an abstract in the language of the article and keywords.
7. At the end of the article, a summary of the work is attached. It includes:
- English if the work is written in Lithuanian;
- in Lithuanian, if the article is written in English;
- in Lithuanian and English if the article is written in Russian (or other languages).
8. It is desirable that the article has its own structure (introduction, conclusions, and one or more chapters).
9. Drawings, algorithms or tables must have short names and must fit on one page.
10. The list of references is given in alphabetical order of the first author's name, numbered in square brackets.
11. Articles has to be provided in LaTeX format using standard Article style. It is sufficient to submit an electronic version of the article in PDF format for review. Accepted article has to be submitted in an electronic version (LaTeX file with author's corrections made and corresponding PDF file). All drawings are presented separately in EPS format. Articles received after the peer-review procedure and then submitted to the editorial board in other formats (for instance, Word format, etc.) will not be printed.
12. Literature sources are collected in the standard PLAIN style.
13. It is advisable to collect the provided article in a template available on the website of the journal. Here you may find an collection of examples of LaTeX file preparation.
14. Articles are submitted through the LMR journal database Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS).