Teeth whitening influence for oral tissues and teeth
Slauga. Mokslas ir praktika viršelis 2020 Nr. 1 (277)
Agnė Šveckutė
Utena University of Applied Sciences
Valdas Mameniškis
Utena University of Applied Sciences
Published 2020-01-25


teeth whitening
mouth guard
dental pencil
dental powder

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Šveckutė A. and Mameniškis V. (2020) “Teeth whitening influence for oral tissues and teeth”, Slauga. Mokslas ir praktika, (1 (277), pp. 4-8. Available at: https://www.journals.vu.lt/slauga/article/view/22730 (Accessed: 26May2022).


The aim of this study – to evaluate the impact of teeth whitening for oral soft tissues and teeth.

Materials and methods. The qualitative study was con­ducted: the case study, applying intraoral examination, to­oth shade setting with dental palette, cold air flow test for research participants and interview with them. The research was attended by 4 patients, who wishing to perform a teeth whitening procedure at home with: a teeth whitening pen­cil, a toothpaste and tombs, and at dental office with UV rays that are regenerated by an LED lamp. Into the research were involved people, who want to make a whitening proce­dure at home: with whitening pen, teeth powder and white­ning guards, also teeth whitening at the dentist’s office using ultraviolet rays which regenerates LED lamp. The purposive sample of research participants was applied.

Insights. Before the teeth whitening procedure the soft tissues of the oral of patients, who participated in the rese­arch, were healthy and not damaged. The teeth shade of all research participants was individual. The patient, who whi­tening the teeth at the dentist’s office by UV rays, was felt teeth sensitivity after the teeth whitening procedure. The teeth shade has changed almost for all research participants. The teeth whitening procedure at the dentist’s office with UV rays has the greatest impact on the teeth shade. The smallest effect on the teeth shade was made by the toothpas­te. The teeth sensitivity was caused by the teeth whitening procedure at the dentist’s office with UV rays. The research participants said that it was uncomfortable to use a tooth whitening pencil and toothpaste for the teeth whitening.