Experiences of pupils with severe special educational needs at special education institutions
Daiva Kairienė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania
Renata Geležinienė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania
Irena Kaffemanienė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania
Rita Melienė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania
Lina Miltenienė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania
Laima Tomėnienė
Šiauliai University, Lithuania
Published 2019-12-20


pupils with special educational needs
severe special educational needs
experiences of education at the special education institution
the context of inclusive education


The article reveals the experiences of pupils with severe special educational needs (SEN) at special education institutions, which are analyzed in the context of inclusive education approach and research conducted in foreign countries data. The study follows qualitative research methodology. The data collected employing the semi-structured pupils’ individual interview method are presented. The study highlights pupils’ opinions on the opportunities and limitations of education at special and mainstream schools, their attitude to learning and discloses peculiarities of psychosocial environment at special schools.

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