Vol 59 (2019): Psichologija

Vol 59 (2019)

Published 2019-07-17

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Marija Miselytė, Dalia Bagdžiūnienė, Violeta Jakutė
Job Requirements, Resources and Proactive Behavior at Work: The Role of Work Engagement and Stress
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Aurelija Stelmokienė, Tadas Vadvilavičius
The Impact of a Hypothetical Leader’s Dark Triad Traits in the Assessment of Transformational Leadership
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Irena Žukauskaitė, Dalia Bagdžiūnienė, Rita Rekašiūtė Balsienė
The Relationships between Employee Occupational Self-efficacy, Structural Empowerment, and Work Engagement
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Arūnas Žiedelis
Associations between Psychosocial Work Environment Factors with Work Engagement and Burnout in Nursing
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Ramunė Grambaitė, Linas Bieliauskas, Evelina Grušauskienė, Albinas Bagdonas
Clinical Neuropsychology: Status in Western Countries and Potential in Lithuania
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