Recommendations and a guideline for referral of infantile haemangioma to tertiary centres
Arūnas Strumila
Rūta Vilija Dagilytė
Virgilijus Beiša
Published 2018-05-14


infantile haemangioma
referral guideline
infrared thermography
conservative treatment

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Strumila A., Dagilytė R. V. and Beiša V. (2018) “Recommendations and a guideline for referral of infantile haemangioma to tertiary centres ”, Acta medica Lituanica, 25(1), pp. 38-44. doi: 10.6001/actamedica.v25i1.3702.


Background. Infantile haemangioma is the most common childhood vascular tumour, which causes great anxiety to parents and treating firstline physicians due to its proliferative nature. It accounts for a large percentage of a tertiary centre consultations, thus delaying consultation time for patients in need of immediate care. Materials and methods. Review of literature and experience of treatment and observation of infantile haemangiomas in a tertiary centre of paediatric surgery. Results. Based on the gathered information, we established an observation guideline of infantile haemangiomas for first-line physicians. Conclusions. First-line physicians must recognise the infantile haemangioma that requires immediate referral to a tertiary centre in order to prevent the appearance of associated complications. The remaining population of the patients of infantile haemangioma can be actively monitored once a month for at least a year by the treating pediatrician or family doctor. New and easy to use protocoled diagnostic tests such as thermography would greatly benefit first-line and tertiary-centre physicians in the follow-up of infantile haemangiomas.
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