Changes in macular thickness after trabeculectomy with or without adjunctive 5-fluorouracil
Aistė Kadziauskienė
Ernesta Strelkauskaitė
Eglė Mockevičiūtė
Rimvydas Ašoklis
Eugenijus Lesinskas
Leopold Schmetterer
Published 2017-07-17


retinal thickness
intraocular pressure

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Kadziauskienė A., Strelkauskaitė E., Mockevičiūtė E., Ašoklis R., Lesinskas E. and Schmetterer L. (2017) “Changes in macular thickness after trabeculectomy with or without adjunctive 5-fluorouracil”, Acta medica Lituanica, 24(2), pp. 93-100. doi: 10.6001/actamedica.v24i2.3489.


Conflict of interest. None of the authors have any conflict of interest to declare, financial or otherwise. No financial or other support was received for the study. Background. The  aim of the  study was to assess changes in macular thickness after trabeculectomy in respect to the  use of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) as well as to analyse possible associations between the  postoperative changes in macular thickness and intraocular pressure (IOP). Materials and methods. The prospective observational study included 106 eyes (100 patients) with glaucoma who underwent trabeculectomy with or without 5-FU. Subsequently 5-FU needling was performed if failure of the  filtrating bleb occurred. Macular thickness and the  IOP were evaluated before, one week, and six months after the surgery. The mean and sectoral macular thickness was assessed using spectral domain optical coherence tomography. Results. The mean (±SD) IOP reduced from 27.71 (±6.88) mmHg at baseline to 18.3  (±8.1)  mmHg one week (p  <  0.001) and 15.1 (±7.6)  mmHg six months (p  <  0.001) after trabeculectomy. One week postoperatively, the mean macular thickness increased from 285.19  (±15.98)  µm to 288.9  (±16.31)  µm (p  <  0.001); macular thickening was significant in all subfields (p < 0.001) and correlated positively with IOP reduction (rho = 0.312, p = 0.001 for central subfield). After six months, macula remained thicker only at the  central and inner nasal subfields (p  <  0.05). The  changes in macular thickness were not affected by the use of 5-fluorouracil. Conclusions. Trabeculectomy may induce a  slight macular thickening which is more pronounced in the early postoperative period. The IOP reduction plays an important role in this process and is associated with thicker postoperative macula. However, the use of adjunctive 5-FU has no influence on macular thickness after glaucoma surgery despite its potential hypotonic, inflammatory and cytotoxic effects.
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