2013, Nr. 14, Table of Contents
Žurnalo Archyvas
Published 2018-10-01



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Accounting and auditing challenges

Inese Vigante, Ruta Sneidere, Social accounting and its contribution to society, 7

Rasa Kanapickienė, Internal control instruments in the accounting policy of public sector entities, 17

Darius Vaicekauskas, Types of audit quality research: their advantages and disadvantages, 30

Evelina Stankevič, Performance audit analysis done by the national audit office of Lithuania, 41

Gintarė Giriūnienė, Raminta Benetytė, Evaluation of tax audit strategies, 52

Analysis and forecasting of enterprise‘ activity

Lukas Giriūnas, Jonas Mackevičius, Romualdas Valkauskas, Clusterization of reasons for bankruptcy of enterprises, 60

Lukas Giriūnas, Aivaras Kazlauskas, Research of companies bankruptcy and its procedure, 72

Judita Urbonaitė, Milda Kvekšienė, Mathematical methods for forecasting the company's financial results, 83

Research of tax systems

Monika Melnykaitė, Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Assessment of bringing in the progressive income taxation in Lithuania, 96

Lina Šalnytė, Giedrė Balkytė, Comparative analysis of Lithuanian and Polish taxation system, 110

Analysis of study process

Birutė Jukonienė, Ona Gudaitienė, Melanija Sinevičienė, The final thesis – learning outcome of professional bachelor., 121

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