No 83 (2018): Informacijos mokslai

No 83 (2018)

Informacijos mokslai
Published 2019-03-29

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Zenona Atkočiūnienė
Editorial Board and Table of Contents
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Lina Tamutienė | Renata Matkevičienė
The Concept of Quality in Higher Education: an Analysis of Quality as a Traveling Idea in the Strategic Documents of Higher Education Institutions
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Zenona Ona Atkočiūnienė | Aurelija Petronytė
The Impact of Knowledge Creation and Sharing on Innovation
Abstract views 2058 | Article downloads (PDF) 311 | Article views (HTML) 160
Viktoras Vaitkevičius
The Importance of Knowledge Management for the Innovativeness of the Public Sector
Abstract views 2020 | Article downloads (PDF) 316 | Article views (HTML) 138
Gintarė Tautkevičienė | Gerda Adomaitytė
Research on User Satisfaction with Library Services at the Kaunas University of Technology
Abstract views 2013 | Article downloads (PDF) 333 | Article views (HTML) 159
Muhamet Jahiri | Dren Gërguri
Online Media Ethics and the Privacy of Politicians in Kosovo
Abstract views 1936 | Article downloads (PDF) 245 | Article views (HTML) 176
Gytė Piatkovskytė | Aurelija Ulbinaitė
Theoretical Aspects of Evaluating the Relationship between Traditional, Electronic and Multi-channel Sales Approaches and Results
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Nadzeya Charapan
Communication Matters: How Do Visitors Interact with Ethnographic Open-Air Museums?
Abstract views 1890 | Article downloads (PDF) 230 | Article views (HTML) 87
Valius Venckūnas
Hidden Identity Conflict: Discourses of Heritage of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Lithuanian and Belarusian Internet Media (2013–2014)
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Zenona Atkočiūnienė
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