Framing the Study of Transnational Families in Lithuania
Irena Juozeliūnienė
Vilnius University, Lithuania
Published 2020-09-09


Transnational family
research methodology
diadic perspective
family practices
personal lives
troubling family

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Juozeliūnienė I. (2020) “Framing the Study of Transnational Families in Lithuania”, Vilnius University Open Series, (3), pp. 32-49. doi: 10.15388/OS.2020.2.


This chapter aims to place the study of Lithuanian transnational families within a broader body of the most recent theoretical frames through which to understand personal lives, family practices and the ways family relationships could be perceived as ‘troubled’. The author provides a short overview of theoretical approaches and research methodologies used at the Department of Sociology at Vilnius University since 2004 to frame the study of transnational families in Lithuania.

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