A scale for measuring externality-internality
A. Bagdonas
L. Pociūtė
Published 1988-12-23


Externality-Internality scale
locus of control

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Bagdonas A., & Pociūtė L. (1988). A scale for measuring externality-internality. Psichologija, 8, 105-122. https://doi.org/10.15388/Psichol.1988.8.9097


The paper studies the validity and reliability of a new scale for measuring internality-externality. The standard norms for the number of students and senior pupils are suggested. On the basis of the data obtained during the test of 1, 181 subjects seven grades of internality externality have been established: (1) extremely external personality, (2) highly external personality, (3) external personality, (4) external-internal personality, (5) internal personality, (6) highly internal personality, (7) extremely internal personality. The test was repeated a month later after the first testing (n= 100). The scale proved to be reliable for measuring internality-externality (r=0.75, p<0.001). The validity of the scale has been confirmed by its correlation with other methods for the examination of internality-externality (J. Rotter scale, IPC, Subjective Control Level Test, Erewin Shapiro Scale), as well as the analysis of the structure of the scale. The data obtained show that the scale is valid for measuring general internality-externality, whereas the subscale of the attribution of interpersonal relations is not valid.

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