No 16-17 (2015): Religija ir kultūra

No 16-17 (2015)

Religija ir kultūra
Published 2018-12-28

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Kristupas Sabolius
The Problem of Representation and Ethical Imagination: Case Study of Son of Saul
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Kurt Wuchterl
Der Mythos Des Postfaktischen Und Die Grenzen Der Vernunft
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Tomas Sodeika
Heidegger’s πóλεμοσ
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Brigita Gelžinytė
Hegel’s Book of Sand, Or on the Beginning of the Beginning and Its Impossibility
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Vaida Kalkauskaitė
The (Im)Possibility of Religious Reasoning in the Formal Public Sphere
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Vaiva Daraškevičiūtė
Modernity and Nature: Where did Rousseau Seek to Return?
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Ramūnas Boleslovas Malcius
After The Revelation of the Name of God: Two Ways of Speaking
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Gintarė Kurlavičiūtė
The mind which knows Itself – does it salute its own twin? Augustine’s de Trinitate
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