No. 18-19 (2016): Religija ir kultūra

No. 18-19 (2016)

Religija ir kultūra
Published 2016-12-20

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Religija ir ir kultūra
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Gintautas Mažeikis
Manichaeism and Czesław Miłosz: A Study of Moral Imagination
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Luc Anckaert
The Thunderbolt of Evil and Goodness without Witnesses: In Conversation with Vasili Grossman, Life and Fate
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Jolanta Saldukaitytė
Saving the Other: War and Peace in Emmanuel Levinas’s Philosophy
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Jūratė Baranova
The Concept of “Spiritual Cinema” in the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
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Vytautas Rubavičius
The Religious Aspect of Art in Contemporary Civilizational Imagination
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Dalius Jonkus
Hartmann and Sesemann. The Critique of Husserl’s Phenomenology and the Problem of Intuition
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Shinji Kajitani
Atmosphere and Religion: The Phenomenology of Hermann Schmitz and the Possibility for a Comparative Study of Religion
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Aušra Kristina Pažėraitė
The Problem of Lifnim Mishurat Hadin and Derekh Eretz: In Search of Ethics in the Jewish Tradition and the Raven of the Gaon of Vilna
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Lilija Duoblienė
Faked Mastery, or Who Inspired Tarkovsky’s Boriska?
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Piotr Petrykowski
The Memory of the Beginning: At the Source of Identity…
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Religija ir ir kultūra
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