No 14-15 (2014): Religija ir kultūra

No 14-15 (2014)

Religija ir kultūra
Published 2017-09-08

Profiles of Secularisation

Ugo Perone
Is Modernity Secular?
Abstract views 215 | Article downloads (PDF) 269
Lina Vidauskytė
The Myth of the Eternal Return, Or Waiting in Secular Society
Abstract views 310 | Article downloads (PDF) 312
Gianluca Cuozzo
The Wasteland of Nature. Human Existence between Junk and Utopias of Reintegration
Abstract views 195 | Article downloads (PDF) 150

Religion and Violence

Claudio Ciancio
Violence of Religion? From Sacral to Holy
Abstract views 183 | Article downloads (PDF) 296
Aušra Kristina Pažėraitė
Divine Violence, Law and Justice in Judaism from the Perspective of Walter Benjamin
Abstract views 169 | Article downloads (PDF) 299

The Adventures of Difference

Aurimas Okunauskas
Conflict as a Condition of Truth: G. Vattimo and J. D. Caputo
Abstract views 178 | Article downloads (PDF) 258

In the Footsteps of Thinkers

Inga Jakimčikaitė
Simone Weil: The Notion of Vocation
Abstract views 199 | Article downloads (PDF) 256