Eighth grade mathematical achievements: qualitative and quantitative aspects
Viktorija Sičiūnienė
Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas
Janina Dargytė
Nacionalinis egzaminų centras
Published 2013-12-20


modern test theory
constructive abilities
achievement levels
reproductive abilities
standardized program

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Sičiūnienė V. and Dargytė J. (2013) “Eighth grade mathematical achievements: qualitative and quantitative aspects”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 54(B), pp. 184–189. doi: 10.15388/LMR.B.2013.34.


This paper presents systematic and classified achievements of eighth grade students’ in the field of algebra and functions. The authors analyze different student skills of satisfactory, basic and advanced achievement levels in particulars themes: expressions, equations, inequalities, simulation and proportionality. Author’s suggestions on how to improve the curriculum are based on the qualitative analysis of the tasks and the statistical analysis of students’ work. Data collect from 8904 country’s students test books and analyze 134 tasks. The authors would like to thank the National Examination Centre for access to the student database.

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