Research of gifted children’s mathematical education in Lithuanian basic school
Viktorija Sičiūnienė
Vilniaus pedagoginis universitetas
Janina Dargytė
Ugdymo plėtoties centras
Published 2010-12-21


gifted children in mathematics
the opinion about abilities in mathematics
aptitudes and marks
feel at school and in the classroom

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Sičiūnienė V. and Dargytė J. (2010) “Research of gifted children’s mathematical education in Lithuanian basic school”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 51(proc. LMS), pp. 149–153. doi: 10.15388/LMR.2010.28.


The amount of research on the recognition and education of children and young people gifted in mathematics is very little in Lithuania. Therefore, the article author’s used the data from national surveys 2005–2008 and attempted to identify gifted children using Item Response Theory approach. The following in article analyzing what is the selected children’s math achievement in school (trimester marks), how students themselves evaluate their abilities in mathematics, what is their home
environment, computer experience, how they feel at school and in the classroom, what are their attitudes to mathematics and its learning.

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