On Some Three-Place Causative Verbs in Lithuanian and English
Г. Карпувене
Published 1977-12-01

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Карпувене Г. (1977) “On Some Three-Place Causative Verbs in Lithuanian and English”, Kalbotyra, 28(3), pp. 20–22. doi: 10.15388/Knygotyra.1977.23495.


The paper presents an attempt to analyse syntactical properties of some causative verbs in Lithuanian and English. The predicates of the given group take the following obligatory complements: Sub (subject), Obj (object), Med (means). Sometimes an argument is left out of the surface structure because it is subsumed as a part of the meaning of the predicate. For some verbs, however, if the usually omitted item needs to be delimited or qualified in some way, the entity can be mentioned.

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