From Spontaneous Experience to the Cosmos: Arne Næss’ Phenomenology
Philosophy of Morality and Law
Luca Valera
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Published 2018-10-22


Arne Nass, ecophenomenology, ecological self, spontaneous experience, Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

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Valera L. (2018). From Spontaneous Experience to the Cosmos: Arne Næss’ Phenomenology. Problemos, 93, 142-153.


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The aim of this paper is to focus on Arne Nass’s phenomenological method and some of its anthropological and cosmological implications. Nass’s Ecology, Community and Lifestyle, in fact, can be fruitfully read as an example of phenomenological inquiry, in which the notion of “spontaneous experience” plays a fundamental role. This method leads Nass to develop a “relational ontology,” in which the “ecological self” is seen as a “relational junction within the total field.” In addition, I show how Tymieniecka’s philosophical thought can offer us the proper eco-phenomenological perspective to better understand Nass’s Ecosophy T.

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