A. A. Olizarowsky and His “Political Community of People”
Leonas Valkūnas
Published 2014-09-29

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Valkūnas L. (2014). A. A. Olizarowsky and His “Political Community of People”. Problemos, 22, 36-48. https://doi.org/10.15388/Problemos.1978.22.6229


A. A. Olizarowsky was professor at Vilnius University. In his book “Political Community of People” he quotes 254 authors, thus proving a great erudite. His world outlook, however, is rather eclectic. A realistic picture of life in the Polish-Lithuanian State including the author’s views on children’s education is presented in the book. Original and progressive ideas on a number of problems arresting the attention of the then society are expressed.

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