Vol. 67 No. 2 (2022): Slavistica Vilnensis

Vol. 67 No. 2 (2022)

Slavistica Vilnensis
Published 2022-12-30

Front Matter

Jelena Konickaja
Editorial Board and Table of Contents
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Marina Čistiakova
Chapters of the Izbornik of Bulgarian Tsar Simeon in the Saratov Edition of the Zlatostruy
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Alla Kozhinova | Alena Sourkova
Hapax legomena in the Book of Job and their Reception in East Slavic Bibles of the 15th–16th Centuries
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Petar Sotirov
Polish Archaisms against their Equivalents in Bulgarian
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Nijolė Tuomienė
Features of Slavization of Oikonіms in the Peripheral Lithuanian Dialect
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Renáta Gregová
Onomatopoeic Words in Slovak: Everyday Use and Stylistic Function
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Birutė Sinočkina
Microtoponymy in the Interlingual Space: Names of Vilnius Intracity Objects
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Irena Fedorovič | Miroslav Davlevič
Determinants of Regionalism in the Collection of Stories by Helena Romer-Ochenkowska Tutejsi (1931)
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Eleonora Lassan
The Contemporary Russian Patriotic Song as a Phenomenon of a Post-Traumatic Society’s Condition
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Špela Petric Žižić
School Dictionary of the Slovenian Language on the Franček Web Portal
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Uladzimir Auseichyk
From the History of Studies on Old Believers in Northwestern Belarus: Literature Review (Second Half of the 18th Century–1980)
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